Bar snacks in India are a sham, and we think your drinks deserve better…..!
Keshav Sharma
July 07, 2022

Bar snacks in India are a sham, and we think your drinks deserve better…..!

Fried Snacks for bar foods (unhealthy)

The drinking culture in India is evolving, and we think it is high time that the munchies also matched the pace. Why are we saying that? Well, if you go to see, Indians have been throwing more house parties and visiting clubs than ever before but when we go there what do we find? The drinks are fine, but the snacks.. ugh!

What we see, they give you things such as

Murukku (chakli)

Chana jor garam

Tortilla chips

Pizzas and pizza bites

Chips (crisps)

Essentially all high-calorie foods, contain huge amounts of oil. Now let's look at this from your body's perspective.


Alcohol goes straight to your liver and the idea behind party snacking is that the food acts like a sponge to absorb some of the alcohol from your body. But, Indian snacks are not the way to go. They are heavy in oil and spices, which essentially causes the burning sensation a lot of people feel after they have had a huge evening party, why because the oil and the spices don’t absorb alcohol. Instead, when you drink alcohol, it causes your mouth and stomach to be sensitive, now on that sensitive areas when you add snacks such as hot chips, chakli (murukku), tortillas, crackers, and other Indian snacks, which we find in the household as evening snacks for most families. They cause acid reflux.


pretzels and beer the ultimate combo (also healthy)

Now the next question you are asking is probably what should we have instead of these oil and spice-heavy snacks? Should it be healthy chips? Should it be dried fruit? Or low-calorie snacks?

The answer to that is pretty simple.

The core function of a munchie is to enhance the flavour of the drink and to absorb excess alcohol. So, any snack which doesn’t have extreme flavour works.

What can I have?

PRETZELS!!! Snack Terminal's Pretzels are mild in flavour and more complex than traditional snacks, which makes them the best for munchies and bar bites. This is because, the pretzel has a distinct flavour that goes very well with anything, which means, when you pair it with wine or beer or any other drink for that matter it will accompany your drink and lift its flavour rather than masking the drinks taste.

We can see this in evolved countries. Where pretzel is the go-to bar bite.

In countries like the USA, UK, Germany, Canada, and essentially anywhere this is an evolved drinking culture. We can see pretzels are the go-to bar bites.

The reason being, as mentioned above, we need something that enhances the flavour of the drink.

Why don’t other snacks work?

Some people prefer to have salted dried fruits with their drinks, but the problem is they are extremely heavy on sodium and high calorie, which means you are doing more harm to your body than good.


Why snack terminal?

Charcuterie Board with Pretzels

Our pretzels are made for the Indian audience. With flavours like cheese and herbs, chocolate coated, salt and sesame, and Choco-salted caramel. These flavours are intended to bring the best out of your drink, and at the same time to be a light snack that doesn’t give you acid reflux. Because the drier texture of the pretzel absorbs more alcohol and the slight salt enhances your sense of taste-making all those aromas in your drink open up.

So if you are looking for bar snacks or even late-night snacks in general, look no further...